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The benefits of an automated on-call management solution

In companies today, productivity needs are always greater, at any time of the day or night. Customers demand that the quality of the products and services provided be constant and optimal. No fault in the process should therefore alter this quality, hence the need for on-call management. And for it to be totally optimal, automating it is the best solution.

Good on-call management relies on a team made up of the site manager and qualified maintenance personnel. Good on-call management also requires that the information, in the event of an incident, be as complete as possible, addressed to the right person and transmitted at the right time.

These 3 key points make it possible to obtain effective and measured interventions. Indeed, the more precise the information, the easier it is to measure the urgency of a situation and to react appropriately. That it is transmitted to the right person reduces reaction and intervention times. Finally, information transmitted at the right time also makes it possible to compensate for certain measurement faults, a situation that can correct itself or not be an emergency.

For this management to be effective, it mobilizes personnel and involves costs that can be substantial. This is why an automated on-call management solution provides very operational responses to ensure the constant quality of production.

The qualities of a good on-call management solution

Automated on-call management ensures, within a very short time, the sending of the alarm message to the right person, the control of its correct reception and its acknowledgment by the technician qualified to intervene. And in the event of non-acknowledgement, the system triggers the escalation mechanism as long as the reception of the message is not acknowledged, and this up to the source of the alarm.

Choosing an automated on-call management solution allows you to benefit from an ergonomic planning tool for a more efficient organization of schedules, to configure access and control it so that it is always operational. The on-call management software must also be redundant. The objective is to never lose responsiveness in the face of a possible failure in a process.

A high-performance solution

With LOG'N'CALL, LOG2SYSTEMS has designed a high-performance solution for analyzing flaws in your IT production and triggering your on-call teams in 60 seconds. Calendar management, triggering of alerts and acknowledgment of these, definition of escalations, production of reports, the LOG'N'CALL solution offers responsiveness and efficiency and thus guarantees the satisfaction of the end user. This solution, easy to administer, is also simple to implement at the heart of your own infrastructure or in SAS mode. And a mobile application allows you to trigger and verify alerts remotely. For a perfect mastery of our tool, we are also committed to training your teams and carry out regular updates.

With LOG'N'CALL, your benefits are tangible:

- your losses are limited in terms of finance and image;

- your support costs are optimized and your on-call budget controlled;

- your resources are rationalized and deployed wisely;

- your users benefit from a constant quality of service.

Does your on-call management system meet your requirements? To discover the performance of the LOG'N'CALL solution, contact us for a demonstration.


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