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The LOG'N'CALL solution supports you in securing and managing on-call systems for your IT production. A high-performance solution to guarantee the management of your incidents thanks to:

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An automated call server

A permanent response 24/7

Availability in cloud or on-premise service

A practical alert system for your on-call management

60 seconds are enough to trigger an alert and mobilize the on-call staff:

No longer let an alert message get lost in the night for lack of a successful contact.


LOG'N'CALL immediately broadcasts in the event of an anomaly an alert message by telephone and/or SMS and/or email to the personnel on call.


Entrust LOG'N'CALL with the management of on-call schedules for 24/7 team mobilization

Efficient on-call management, without service interruption.

Planned management of the information system.

Automatic management of alert systems.

Automation of interventions.

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Reduce costs

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Integrating our LOG'N'CALL automaton allows you to immediately reduce costs:

  • Divide your on-call budget by 5

  • Optimize your support cost

  • Limit your financial losses

  • Guarantee your quality of service

Integrate easily

Our solution integrates easily:

  • In dedicated or cloud mode

  • In SaaS mode with integration and training


It is ideal for local error frameworks or scripts, integrates with your CMDBs and offers an efficient solution to manage your calendars by customers, organization or company department.

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