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  • Serge Raynaud

Compliance with regulations via LOG'N'CALL 🕵‍♀️

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Article L. 3121-9 of the Labor Code defines on-call “as a period during which an employee must be able to intervene to perform work for the company. ”

During the on-call duty, the employee does not have to be at or near his home. It is enough, for example, to be able to be reached by telephone with solutions such as LOG'N'CALL which mobilizes your teams thanks to the on-call automation. It is a form of work organization that allows the company to be available 24/7.

Avoid sacrificing rest times thanks to LNC : Companies that opt ​​for LNC do so not only for its high-performance on-call management alert system. They choose LNC*, too, to support them in respecting the laws and the obligations of the Labor Code. The organization of on-call duty is subject to the conditions provided for in the convention or company agreement. At the end of the month, the employer gives each employee a document specifying the number of on-call hours worked and the compensation in financial form or in the form of rest. In the event of non-compliance with these regulations, whatever the type of company, they are liable to legal sanctions. From 6 hours of consecutive work, the employee is granted a break of at least 20 consecutive minutes. A longer break time may be set by convention or company or establishment agreement or by convention or branch agreement. All the usefulness of LNC lies in the fact of avoiding procedural failures and over-solicitation of employees during their break time. Indeed, LNC* generates a qualified alert in 60 seconds by exploiting several planning rules and rotations whatever the planning scenarios such as the management of foreign and local calendars, work outside office hours, weekdays and weekends, public holidays taking into account rest time. A solution compatible with regulations To facilitate on-call management, LOG²SYSTEMS has developed LOG’N’CALL, a solution that supports you in securing and managing on-call systems for your IT production. A high-performance solution to guarantee the management of your incidents thanks to :

- An automated call server - A permanent response 24/7 - Availability in cloud or on-premise service Opting for LOG'N'CALL means improving your performance in on-call management. Contact us for more information or a demonstration of the LOG'N'CALL solution. *LNC: LOG'N'CALL

** This document is by no means exhaustive. It was designed for information and popularization purposes and we used the following sources to make it :


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