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How does LOG'N'CALL fit into your CSR strategy ?

Corporate social responsibility is an approach increasingly valued by companies. Often reduced to its environmental aspect, it rather corresponds to all the actions that organizations put in place in favor of sustainable development. Namely integrating and identifying social concerns, economic and environmental impacts.


In this sense, the ISO 26000 standard is essential for companies that are concerned about their impact on society and the environment. It is made up of 7 main principles which represent areas to be addressed in favor of sustainable development such as :

1. Governance of the organization 2. Human rights 3. Working relationships and conditions 4. The environment 5. Fair practices 6. Consumer issues 7. Communities and local development.

Before implementing a CSR approach, it is essential to identify social responsibility and the issues specific to each company. It is a question of understanding the impacts of the company on society according to a set of perimeters: the activity, the size or the geographical location. Similarly, it is imperative to be aware of the economic, environmental and social impacts of its activity on its stakeholders. This preliminary study makes it possible to establish an inventory which makes it possible to identify the fields of action and the common interest with its stakeholders. The second step is to integrate CSR into all decisions and activities of the organization. The inventory allows you to set objectives to limit the negative effects and increase the positive effects. For example, it is essential to check that the laws in force are respected. In the context of on-call duty, this regulation harmonises the aspects of duration of activity and rest periods in the Member States of the EU and certain third countries. THE INTEGRATION OF LOG'N'CALL INTO YOUR CSR STRATEGY

The integration of an on-call management solution could be interpreted as a challenge in a CSR strategy. However, these on-call functions are at the heart of the company's business, both in response to customers and in response to the company's local communities. To put it simply, arriving in the morning in a company where all production is stopped, staggered, with the stress of making up for lost time does not make office life any easier. A tool is not an organization but our solution, with its different settings, sticks to the strategy of the company, and to the decisions taken in the organization of the time of on-call duty and their compensation. The use of LNC will also facilitate the continuous improvement of processes in order to strengthen production lines. In its day-to-day use, it is the automation of information exchanges with the various service centers that will enable LNC to improve working conditions by avoiding repetitive work without added value. It is a clear and loyal response with all the actors of the company, to the improvement of the treatment of production environments. It is also a factor in improving your profitability and your employer brand.

Opt for LOG'N'CALL, to improve the strategic assessment of your CSR.

Contact us for more information or a demonstration of the LOG'N'CALL solution.

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