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3 TIPS pour optimiser la gestion de vos calendriers d'astreinte

You must configure your on-call schedules but, on a daily basis, the management of these schedules can be difficult given the human, technical and legal factors, which can deteriorate the efficiency of incident handling. Appointing people on call is no longer enough. Here are some tips to optimize it:

1. Equip your teams with an on-call management solution If automatic incident escalation is the key to optimal production management, it is still necessary to know and be able to alert. It is therefore important to equip yourself with the most autonomous and independent on-call management solution possible, either in your own infrastructure for confidentiality reasons, or in SAS mode, including easy planning of "on call" personnel. . Thanks to the automation of calls, our solution takes care of escalations, exceptions while taking into account the criticality as soon as an incident is detected. It is also possible to create recurrences and automatically calculate the on-call periods in the schedules.

Once equipped, your on-call personnel gain in performance thanks to a more fluid incident escalation. The solution is redundant, independent, does not depend on any market player and allows you to select your own service providers to operate it.

2. Anticipate the planning of on-call schedules Plan your on-call schedules at least 3 months in advance: Anticipating means organizing, distributing and securing your on-call policy. ORGANIZE: To avoid losing any alerts, avoid additional support costs, reduce the time taken to take them into account and benefit from the support of the staff.

DISSEMINATE: Transparency for all teams allowing them to organize or personalize on-call periods.

SECURITY: Guaranteed consideration of critical alerts, check the presence of people on call and easily adapt call rules with volunteers. Good planning of the on-call schedule allows employees a successful organization between professional life and private life and ensures their good adherence. Bonus: Our solution provides statistics on the scoring of alerts.

3. Plan for the unexpected - Not all employees wake up the same way, with LNC you can set the number of calls and the time between each call for each employee in order to wake him up gently but surely. - Plan the second line of duty, the management of escalations including management in the event of high criticality such as fires, flooding in machine rooms, etc... - Do not forget that to alert, you must have the information! Deploy smart probes to be informed of technical anomalies. LNC comes with tools that can help you:

  • MTA2ALARM – Tool to control activity reports by email

  • SNMP2BOX – Tool to monitor SNMP objects

  • TSUPERVISOR – Tool for monitoring machines and their network services.

  • BBD2ALARM – Tool for monitoring the content of databases (infrastructure and functional control)

  • FTA2ALARM – Tool to scan log files

  • ALERT – Web console for issuing an alert

Opting for LOG'N'CALL means improving your performance in on-call management.

Contact us for more information or a demonstration of the LOG'N'CALL solution. *LNC: LOG'N'CALL

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