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One of the objectives for LOG'N'CALL is to guarantee the transmission of the alert to the right person. A phone call is routed to the right person who must take the incident into account. If the latter does not accept the incident or if he cannot be reached (already on a problem for example),

LOG'N'CALL will escalate the event

to another competent technician.

Many adjustments and filters have been integrated into LOG'N'CALL to ensure the transmission of the alert at the right time and to the right person in less than 60 seconds, in accordance with the company's on-call policy. It would be a pity and damaging if the alert did not succeed. It is for this reason that many features have been implemented to ensure the transmission of the alert to the responders.

The LOG'N'CALL Fail Over System

The LOG'N'CALL solution can be completely redundant :

- Means of communication, (telephone call, SMS, sending email). Thus LOG'N'CALL can call from several call servers.

- The LOG'N'CALL server in the event that the hosting machine / VM encounters a failure, another LNC will resume activity.

Integration of your redundancies and your specifications :

- Integration with your IPBX.

- Management of backup telephone lines.

- Provider redundancy.

- Database redundancy.

- Call routing agents on the local network avoiding relay IPBXs.

Tools to train you in our solution

Our solution regularly benefits from updates in order to be as close as possible to your expectations and security developments. We are available to train you in order to benefit 100% from a successful on-call management experience. No more wasting time with useless notifications, you save your teams from unproductive fatigue. The HR factor can be a risk in the effectiveness of your projects. With LOG'N'CALL your resources are rationalized and deployed wisely. In addition, the traceability of the support allows analysis of alerts, identification of causes and thus to have a proactive and virtuous approach to incident management.

By developing LOG'N'CALL, FailOver mechanisms are revealed to us as full-fledged productivity tools. We have integrated them so that they are reactive, flexible and easily configurable and thus benefit from concrete advantages limiting the risks of losing an alert.

Opting for LOG'N'CALL means improving the performance of your production. Contact us for more information or a demonstration of the LOG'N'CALL solution.

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