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Automatic incident reporting using LOG'N CALL

During a production incident, the situation can quickly turn into a system blockage. On-call managers may find themselves limited in contacting the right qualified person in a short time. The resolution of incidents is de facto slowed down, creating problems of time and money.

Automating on-call processing is a powerful solution. It effectively improves:

  • The responsiveness of the interventions,

  • The organization of production by easily feeding ITSM or CMDB in an ITIL organization.

Incident escalation process

In order to facilitate the interconnection between your supervision tools or scripts and the LOG'N'CALL solution, we have developed with an open API, allowing the different architectures to interface with the alert functionalities for the triggering of on-call duty. She is made of :

- An open REST-type interface allowing your monitoring tools to communicate with our LOG’N’CALL solution.

- An SNMP agent to intercept information system events.

- Communication scripts integrating into your monitoring or your batches.

- Simple probes, communicating directly with LOG'N'CALL in the event of an anomaly or threshold overrun dealing with :

  • Analysis of production emails, texts, files and generation of specific alerts,

  • Monitoring the activity of the databases both from a functional point of view and their administration,

  • Network monitoring of software servers,

- A web console for manual alert triggering

Finally, programmable triggers, usable for routing incidents to the CMDB / ITSM, will also allow you to trigger specific actions that are specific to you.

Automatic processing

LOG²SYSTEMS has developed an ecosystem to communicate with the LOG'N'CALL solution in order to facilitate its integration. You will thus be able to automate the call for an on-call duty, from the detection of an incident, through the update of your ITSM/CMDB and/or the triggering of specific actions. A TTS (Text to Speach) server is used to synthesize on the fly error messages from the Error Framework.

A multifunction solution, which takes care of everything including escalations, exceptions, and taking into account criticality. All you have to do is fill in the on-call calendar. We have, if you wish, functions to automatically calculate the on-call periods for the following days, months, years. A solution that will guarantee you never miss a critical alert; LOG'N'CALL notifies you by email, SMS and telephone.

A qualified and targeted alert

One of the essential problems of on-call management is the time needed to mobilize the right technician to resolve the incident. LOG'N'CALL provides an answer by generating, in less than 60 seconds, a qualified and targeted alert depending on the criticality, intended for the right operational person, at the right time, in compliance with ITIL best practices: The right man at the right place at the right time.

The key to reducing the frequency and duration of incidents begins with the organization. Notifying the right people also means reducing the downtime of environments. It also means avoiding the human fatigue of repetitive and poorly targeted on-call duty.

The right people are notified through multiple communication channels, including voice calls, emails, and text messages. If an alert is unsuccessful, LOG'N'CALL can automatically escalate it to another person until someone accepts.

Incidents can have a financial impact depending on the size and industry of your business. Although the risk of loss of revenue is an excellent reason to adopt LOG'N'CALL, the other tangible costs including the reputation of the company or the human costs, are not to be neglected.

It is for these reasons that our engineers have developed LOG'N'CALL by conjecturing all the possible scenarios and all the technically possible answers to allow you to have an easily integrated solution without calling into question your on-call policies. You can, in less than 60 seconds, trigger an alert to inevitably find the right person and thus minimize the downtime of your services.

Opting for LOG'N'CALL means improving the performance of your production.

Contact us for more information or a demonstration of the LOG'N'CALL solution.


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