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  • Serge Raynaud

Staff management with LOG'N'CALL

The value of automating on-call management lies at the heart of your team's performance in managing staff, identifying on-call responsibilities as well as how workloads are distributed for their resolution .


LOG'N'CALL ensures that pilots do not miss any alerts. Its management rules (which you can program) guarantee the right path to the right technician with the right skill as soon as possible. For example, if the on-call person does not respond to a critical alert, LOG'N'CALL automatically notifies the next person, who would be the most appropriate to manage the alert according to your team's on-call policy.

These on-call policies respect the on-call schedules which are established with daily, weekly and/or personalized rotations. LNC* generates a qualified alert in 60 seconds by leveraging multiple scheduling rules and rotations regardless of scheduling scenarios such as managing foreign and local schedules, working after hours, weekdays and weekends -ends, public holidays. When a member of your staff has difficulty responding to an alert, others can easily take over and provide their service. This avoids the loss of time, energy of your teams or even financial losses or an alteration of the image of the company.


Our tool facilitates the management of your on-call duties by respecting the planning and escalation rules defined by your on-call policy. Your team will always know who is on call and/or responsible for an incident.

LNC's communication channels guarantee fast and efficient alert transmission. LOG'N'CALL allows close integration with on-call staff thanks to telephone management capabilities, sms notification but also by interacting with your CMDB. Our solution provides rapid response across multiple teams and keeps responders informed about incidents according to organizational specifications.


By opting for LOG'N'CALL, you can view the evolution of your on-call metrics from the first month of use using the statistics provided with our solution. You will identify the volumes of alerts processed, the time taken to identify, process and resolve alerts. System and process flaws are identified and potential improvements are revealed.

Complexities and interference from on-call processes are reduced, allowing your stakeholders to focus on the right context and resolve issues quickly.

Our solution becomes a true ally in the very essence of your on-call policy. It allows you to drastically improve the responsiveness of your on-call management, to analyze the environment of the incident but also to readjust the intervention time.

LOG'N'CALL also becomes a tool for continuous improvement to create a virtuous circle of production improvement and reduction in the number of incidents.

Opting for LOG'N'CALL means improving the performance of your production.

Contact us for more information or a demonstration of the LOG'N'CALL solution.


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